Backyard Sustenance

In the midst of quarantine, I’ve dug deep into making my green space as sustaining as possible. My chickens – the pride and joy of my homestead – continue to offer fresh eggs daily. The pandemic has inspired a nationwide surge in the demand for laying hens, including here in Richmond. City residents are permitted to have up to 4 hens in a backyard, so you too can enjoy a sustainable egg supply.

I’ve also taken strides with gardening sustenance. My tomato array includes a dozen varieties, most notably my favorite heirloom – the Cherokee Purple Heirloom. Its dark color and rich flavor add to savory beauty to any summer plate. If you’re really adventurous, try a shitake mushroom garden. I just cultivated one and have enjoyed learning about how to grow and tend to this petite harvest. Some other great ideas for your backyard bounty include fig trees and easy-to-maintain vine berries like raspberries and blackberries.

If you’re not into the edible landscaping, there is still plenty to do to enhance your yard. Make it an oasis with a water feature, stepping stones, or a focal point like a bench that invites your stay-at-home relaxation.

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