The Seller's Guide

Ready to sell your home, or at least explore the possibility? Selling your home for any reason can be scary and emotionally charged. The key to listing success is a solid relationship with a trusted real estate professional.

Knowing the steps involved and what you should expect can take a lot of the stress out of the sales process. The best resource you can have is an expert who understands your priorities and offers the market insight to ensure you get the best value from start to finish.

Seller Process

Get the best talent you can possibly find, and lean on all of your advisors. The very first step to selling your home is to hire a real estate agent.
Now that you’ve chosen a real estate agent, completed the necessary paperwork, and consulted with your advisors, it’s time to begin preparing your home.
Finally! After all the preparation, your home is live on the MLS. Let the world know and the offers will follow.
Offers are in! What’s next? After reviewing all of the offers, you’ve chosen the one that best fits your requirements.
You get your money, and let the world know about the Laura Peery team!

Work With Us

Buying or selling a home can be stressful, and the Laura Peery Team is trained and experienced at relieving the stress and delivering a positive outcome.


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