Say Cheese!

While other people were stocking up on toilet paper, hand soap and yeast, I was hoarding cheese. Not proud of it, but we all have different priorities.  When my daughters come home for a visit, a common question they ask is, “what’s there to eat besides cheese?” Ok, so I have a cheese drawer, don’t you? Mine is filled to the brim, always. While it’s not uncommon for me to forget to buy milk or bananas, I never forget to buy cheese. When the pandemic took the fun and frequency out of grocery shopping, I was thrilled to discover a couple of RVA businesses that cater to cheese-o-files.

Truckle Cheesemongers to the rescue.  What is a Truckle, you ask? “A small, barrel-shaped cheese, especially cheddar”. Touted as RVA’s very own dedicated cheese shop, they offer cut to order cheese and charcuterie that their “cheese fairy” will deliver to your door on Tuesdays and Fridays. And if you are cheeseaholic like myself, you may want to sign up for their cheese share program and receive a thoughtful collection of curated cheeses each month. Check out their international selections like,  Italian Taleggio which they describe as “Flavorful with just a flirt of funk.” Or try their savory and sharp homemade beer cheese or pimento cheese made with Spanish piparra peppers. 

Swiping through Instagram one day, I discovered @rvacheesegirl and was mesmerized by her ability to aesthetically design the most mouthwatering cheese boards on the planet. What’s cool is that they are custom ordered, handcrafted, seasonal boards curated to highlight RVA’s finest ingredients. Cheese Executive Officer,  Emmie Lewis says her business first started as a side hustle and “quickly turned into a sprint”. Her goal is to create a beautiful, curated product that brings people together. Scroll through her insta photos and you’ll see why I’m obsessed. 

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