Block Party

The recent announcement of a new LEGO manufacturing plant opening in Richmond, Virginia, has the community as excited as…well a kid with a brand-new LEGO set. Slated to be operational by 2027, this billion-dollar investment is stacking up to be a game-changer for the region. With LEGO's knack for creating complex masterpieces from simple blocks, it's no surprise they're building a future in Richmond brick by brick.

The LEGO plant promises to snap together around 1,760 new jobs, providing a significant boost to the local economy. From creating colorful bricks to engineering innovative designs, these new roles will offer a mosaic of employment opportunities. The precision production facility will be over $1.7 million square feet. 


In true LEGO fashion, the Richmond plant will be a model of sustainability. Designed to be carbon-neutral, the facility will incorporate energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy sources. With solar panels and recycling initiatives, this plant will be as green as the LEGO baseplates we all used to lose under the couch.


I lived in Germany for a few years when I was young, and one of my earliest memories was going to Legoland. My expectations at the time were low since LEGO kits in the US were primarily multi-colored blocks with the occasional odd shaped piece or two for variety. As I was looking at all the amazing intricate sculptures, little did I know I was getting a glimpse of the company’s future. Back in the sixties, no one would have bet a dollar that a company that made plastic blocks would become the toy juggernaut it is today, let alone be the subject of four successful films. 


That early experience gave me an enduring soft spot for the toys and the creativity of the company, so I’m irrationally happy that they are coming to Richmond. Fingers crossed that some forward thinking entrepreneur is contemplating opening a Lego themed coffee shop or bar, or the Virginia Tough Mudder endurance race will add a quarter mile filled six inches deep with Lego pieces. 


If you’ve read this far, thanks for coming along on the ride. Have a great summer, and here’s to being a smidge happier when we connect again in August.



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