Check Please

The one downside of Spring is that it smacks you upside the head with a do-list the moment it walks through the door. Here are a few timely reminders.
  • Turn on your AC and make sure it’s running correctly before the first hot stretch. If something needs fixing, do it before everyone else discovers a problem the first hot week when the service calls take longer.

  • Change your air filters. Clogged filters do a poor job of filtering air and put extra strain on your HVAC system.

  • Unscrew, clean, and lubricate any nozzles on your garden hoses. If they aren’t removed occasionally they can become a permanent part of your hose.

  • It’s about time to open your air vents in your crawl space.

  • Any remaining major pruning should be done as soon as possible. Light shaping is ok throughout the Spring.

  • Put a gutter cleaning on your calendar, preferably after the last of the oak pollen clumps drop in May. Before the Spring rainy season is also a good time to look at your downspouts and see if any areas would benefit from any extension to keep the water away from your foundation.

  • Hold off on putting annuals in the ground until the first week of May if you live in RVA, but now is a great time to plant perennials.

  • Prevent mosquitoes from setting up camp in your backyard by removing or clearing out anything that can hold water. Check your screens for rips, holes, or tears, and keep in mind a small hole can be patched with some clear nail polish.

  • Put something fun on your calendar, large or small. It could be a weekend getaway or reservations at your favorite restaurant. It’s always nice to have something to look forward to. 

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