For Those Inclined To Shop Online

For those hearing Amazon’s siren song, resist and be an idiot. I mean be a real IDIOT. You know, an Independent Discerning Intuitive Offering Transactualist. (Seriously, I have got to read the fine print on these membership programs.) Here are a few of my independent online stores that are fun to browse, and have gifts for just about everyone.
Uncommon Goods is a great first stop for a wide variety of products, and it’s a nice mix of items made by artists, and international goods selected by their buying team. 
Junior’s Cheesecake’s motto should be “Why wait to gain weight?” Fast delivery of mouth-watering New York Cheesecakes and other baked goodies is a click away. I swear I gained two pounds just looking at the Strawberry Swirl Designer Christmas Cheesecake. 
If any of your giftees are puzzle junkies, Liberty Puzzles offers high-end puzzles guaranteed to perplex, confuse, and flummox your special problem solver. One of my favorite things about them is they include whimsy pieces shaped like recognizable objects, they’re made of wood, and they’re crafted in Boulder, CO. They will even create custom puzzles from an image you provide. Need a distraction for that visiting relative who insists on alphabetizing your spice drawer each year? Look no further. 
If you’re looking for deli delish foods, check out Zingerman’s Deli. Whether it’s Italian preserves, fresh-baked brownies, or actual sugar plums (I swear they taste like Christmas), Zingerman’s has something for everyone in every price range. 
And for the most loyal of friends, check out BarkBox. You can send a one-time box of treats and toys or a subscription. Each month has a theme (currently it’s Home Alone with toys that look like characters from the movie), and you can customize your order to suit your pup’s preference and personality. I’ve been a subscriber for a while, which has resulted in my dogs giving each arriving package the sniff test to see if it’s for them. Cracks me up every time.

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