Go Big Or Stay Home - Extravagant Milkshakes From Coco + Hazel

I don’t know about you, but spending more than 4 months in basic lockdown has tamped down my desire to jump in the car and shop wherever/eat whatever/meet whomever on a whim. Now, I find myself doing a risk assessment to determine whether going out is “worth it”. The grocery store passes the test and so does the gas station. Other than those two essentials, “Go Big Or Stay Home” is my current mantra. And that’s why Coco + Hazel needs to be on your “worth a trip” list. Trust me on this one.
Started in Spring 2019 by Chelle Bravo and their husband Omar Bravo Carbajal, Coco + Hazel is a unique milkshake and espresso shop that specializes in delightfully over-the-top milkshakes. The shop is choc-full of options such as Candy Land, a strawberry or vanilla shake topped with cotton candy, whipped cream, lollipops, and rock candy. Is chocolate more your thing? Look no further than The Blackout, a thick chocolate shake capped off with fudge, sprinkles, and a stack of brownies. These extreme milkshakes with their mega toppings are all Instagram-worthy, so make sure you grab your camera! End your experience at Coco + Hazel with a comforting cup of coffee- I highly recommend the Honey Lavender Latte! Coco + Hazel has partnered with a roaster in Oaxaca, where Omar is originally from, for an exclusive, single-origin coffee, that is not sold anywhere else in the United States, so each cup is unique to the brand. 
As of July, Coco + Hazel is currently open for pickup only, but the shop has outdoor seating in case you just can’t abstain from the drive home. Be sure to practice safe social distancing, and to tip their lovely staff! 

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