Not for the Naughty

Tis the season for a myriad of holiday stressors, and gift-giving always seems to be at the top of the list. Here are some suggestions for people in your life who are on the go.
At the top of the list, are travel cubes! Admittedly not the most glamorous of gifts, but your recipient will think of you with gratitude every time they use them. If you want to up your game, fill them with fun stuff. (Don’t underestimate the power of good quality socks on a cold day, pick up the good ones at camping supply stores.) Six cubes on Amazon will set you back $19.00.
As my great Aunt Matilda used to say, an ounce of prevention is worth a bottle of hair conditioner on your favorite cashmere sweater. Still working on decoding that one, but I think she means a $30 Matador waterproof toiletry bag is a good investment as it will keep your liquids out of the rest of your luggage. 
If someone on your good list has to look their best on the road, consider a good quality travel mirror. A mystery to guys, a must-have for the ladies. $130 on Amazon.
A great carry-on bag is the gift that keeps on giving. A friend of mine in the travel industry recommended my carry-on, the Aviator by Paravel. I’ve found it to be well-designed, balanced, easy to maneuver, and stylish. Comes with solid five-star reviews, $395.
Another favorite winter travel item is a good down coat with a stuff sack. The Stio down sweater is super warm (800-fill, RDS-certified down insulation), sporty, and easy to pack. Great to have on the road, or for your friends who prefer staying at home. Another 5-star reviewed product, $259. 
My most used item from this list is my Hailey Bandolier. It’s a phone case with a secure snap pocket for small items, with a leather cross-body strap. I use this constantly and it reduces the need to have a purse. $108.
I love a good candle and the Votivo travel candle has a great scent, and it’s a nice way to make your new surroundings homey when you’re on the road. Lots of fragrances to choose from, but I’m a fan of red currant. Travel with two, one for you and one if you need a nice thank-you gift for a friend. 
Another great for travel, great at-home pick is the Gisele long PJ set. If you look up comfy in the dictionary, you’ll see these PJs. If you see these PJs in the dictionary, it’s time to slide into some and take a break under a nice comforter with a holiday beverage. You’re working way too hard.

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