Savory Summer BLTs

It’s a well-known fact that the best summertime sandwich is a BLT. Juicy ripe tomatoes are – of course – the star of the show and they are at their finest when the temperatures are blazing. Now, who in town serves the best BLT? That’s a claim that’s not as easy to make.
With so many fantastic restaurants, Richmond’s has a rich array of sandwich selections, including the seasonal champion BLT. From the dressed-down basic to elegant interpretations, we’ve got enough BLT varieties to taste our way through every day of summer. I conducted my own ‘research’ recently and am happy to share the results of my BLT binge.
The hands-down winner for me is at Salt & Forge. Briny bacon, sweet tomato, and the tang of crafted-in-house jalapeno mayo and pimento cheese combine for a memorably delicious lunch date. Mosaic stands out for a creative riff – building their BLT with a tart-fried green tomato that adds a kick to the flavors. Millie’s, RVA’s beloved ‘landmark eatery,’ keeps it classic with ample mayo and a stack of bacon in between wheat slices. Lunch. and Supper! put Southern Pride on the plate with ‘flat-ironed’ Texas toast encasing extra-large portions of pimento cheese, tomatoes, and bacon hot off the griddle. If you’re looking for an equally delicious but less likely to boost your cholesterol take on the summer staple, head to food haven Ellwood Thompson’s for a custom BLT creation where you can swap the cured meat for tempeh ‘bacon.’
Whether you rely on my research or conduct your field experiments, make sure you involve the BLT in your summertime bites.

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