Seltzer Quest

The hard seltzer fad shows no signs of fizzing out anytime soon, particularly as the temperatures climb and swimsuit weather is here. What’s not to like? It’s low-calorie, refreshing, and the taste is so…so…so-so. That’s the rub with our effervescent new friend, most have a definite lack of flavor.
In my quest for a better bubbly, I turned to science. Well, maybe not so much science as 16 friends who were willing to participate in a blind taste test and rate five different brands. Each brand tasting included three different flavors, and our judges gave their verdict on the overall flavor. The contenders were White Claw, Bold Rock, Corona, Mike’s, and Drunk Fruit. Ready for the results?
Number three was White Claw based on their Lime, Ruby Grapefruit, and Cherry flavors. White Claw got good marks for smell, and the balance of sweet and flavor. Not too sweet, and the flavor was mild but identifiable. 
Coming in at number two was Corona. The judges tried the pineapple, raspberry, and passion fruit and found them refreshing with a more natural flavor than White Claw. It was sweeter than White Claw, but not as sweet as our yet-to-be-named number one.
The hands-down winner? Mike’s Hard Seltzer in Lemon, Mango, and Cherry. If you like your seltzer sweet with a lot of fruit flavor, Mike’s is the drink for you. 
The stinker award of the evening went to Bold Rock. Not one vote for first, second, or third place. That kind of says it all. Honorable mention goes to Drunk Fruit (my fav), for its creative flavors of Yutzu, Lychee, and Melon, and it’s less sweet, but full fruit flavor.
If you want an excuse to throw a little get-together, have a taste-testing event at your place and find the seltzer that’s just your fit. This one started as research, but about halfway into it we all realized it had turned into a party, the first one we had been to in 18 months. It gave new meaning to a surprise party.

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