Style Report: 2019 Home Decor Trends

Guest Post by Gary Inman
The 2019 home décor trends are bringing bold colors and patterns back to the forefront of home fashion. Gone are the boring monochromatic beige rooms in favor of florals and dynamic geometries and a broad array of colors from hot pinks and corals to spice and green hues ranging from pewter to mint, celadon, emerald, and malachite. It is no longer a single-color story but rather color families. Even the kitchen is all about color!
Personalization is allowing consumers to curate their own nest including the kitchen stove which Blue Star is glad to do in any color. Consumers are also collecting and curating their spaces to reflect their interests and travels. Maker culture and craftsmanship are an important part of this personalization of home.
A few of the enduring style trends are black steel and glass windows and doors which add a modernizing effect and more natural light. Acrylic furniture, glamourous lighting, curvaceous upholstery, and interesting patterns in rugs, tiles, and fabrics are certain to be enduring. While trends can inspire us one should always cultivate their style based on elements they authentically love. Quality is always in vogue and beauty is always on trend!

Top 10 Trends to Look for in 2019 and 2020

  1. Bold Colors in jewel tones for all four walls, cabinetry, or furniture. Malachite, Emerald, Sapphire, Cobalt, Charcoal, Plum……

  2. Color for Kitchens! Sherwin Williams’s Pewter Green is the hot color for 2019

  3. Personalization. Blue Star stoves in any color, furniture to owner scale and finish

  4. Pattern Explosion – Florals are Back! Wallpaper and Fabrics!

  5. Maker Culture is celebrated, and craft is elevated

  6. Full-height kitchen backsplash in dramatic patterns with open shelves instead of upper cabinets

  7. Black steel and glass windows and doors. Dramatic graphic character instantly modernizes traditional spaces

  8. Color, Color, Color from hot pink to living coral, icy mint greens, spice, jewel tones, and Memphis Design primary colors. Something for every taste

  9. Acrylic furniture – one piece can transform and modernize a space

  10. Luxury bedrooms – exquisite bedding, canopy and four poster beds, chaise, and romantic lighting
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