Top Ten List: Get Ready for Autumn

Whether I’m helping clients list their current home or helping someone find their new dream home, I always end up spending a lot of time examining other people’s houses. Each season I try to complete a punch list to try to prevent any major maintenance issues from slipping through the cracks and also to help make the most of my home for the upcoming season. Here are some of my ideas for the fall.
  1. Schedule a chimney cleaning: be ready to enjoy your fireplace safely by scheduling a chimney check-up before cold weather sets in.

  2. Add weatherstripping: use weatherstripping to insulate around doors and windows to make the most of your heat source. Seal gaps around your home to prevent cold weather pests.

  3. Empty and store hoses: Make sure your hoses are emptied and put away to keep them from freezing and becoming unusable in the spring.

  4. Winter supplies: Locate and check the status of cold-weather items like ice scrapers, shovels, and snowblowers. Finding or replacing them now will save you from panicking later.

  5. Rake leaves: Even though the colors are lovely, heavy layers of leaves damage lawns. Removing leaves during the fall helps make the most of your lawn in the spring.

  6. Clean gutters: Clean your gutters or schedule to have them cleaned shortly after leaves are finished falling. Starting the winter with clean gutters

  7. Trim trees and shrubs: Trimming back trees and shrubs will help prevent damage from heavy winter weather as well as protect your home from falling branches or rotting trees.

  8. Declutter your home: Help prep for guests and holiday get-togethers early by decluttering in advance.

  9. Clean and store patio furniture: oil or seal patio furniture if applicable. Store or cover it with weatherproof covers to ensure it makes it through to the next season.

  10. Clean out your fridge:

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