Trendy House Plants

Since I have more of a chartreuse than a green thumb, I like to stay low-maintenance with my botanical efforts.
Houseplants are a great addition to indoor spaces not only because they add nicely to the aesthetic but also because they reduce carbon dioxide and help purify the air. I like the visually interesting varieties that thrive without a lot of fuss. Air plants get most of their nutrients from the surrounding air and don’t require much watering… very low maintenance!
In my mid-century Airbnb, I use some of my favorite houseplants – succulents. Since succulent varietals offer a wide array of textures and colors, they are ideal for creating beautiful living arrangements. A small succulent garden is easy to tend and offers lasting beauty for a tabletop or shelf.
I predict growing popularity for Shell Ginger, an ornamental variety of ginger that does well in outdoor containers during the warm months and adds beauty to the interior after temperatures cool. Shell Ginger is used as a landscaping plant in tropical climates and is a great addition to your indoor landscape for its color and hardiness. Keep it in bright light and you’ll be rewarded with attractive flowers and foliage throughout the winter.
Some of the trendy houseplants have names that make me chuckle – the Snake Plant, Mother-in-Law Tongue, Organ Jade, and Split Leaf Philodendron. Regardless of what they’re called, these trendy houseplants will add to your home without adding to your workload, so venture to the greenhouse soon!

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