Walking on the Wild Side With Dominic Carpin

What do rock bands and organic gardens have in common? Dominic Carpin, for one. This local legend has a long-standing reputation for marching to the beat of his own drum… literally. For years, Carpin’s renown hinged on being the front man for the Cashmere Jungle Lords, a Richmond-based ensemble whose eclectic hits have been featured on stage and in soundtracks for shows like ‘Shameless’ and ‘Bad Girls Club.’
These days, Carpin’s fame is rooted in a different career field. He just celebrated five years of operating the delli Carpini Farm, an organic, old-fashioned vegetable farm based on the classic American model of the roadside stand and truck farmer. Carpin cultivates his twelve acres without chemicals, relying instead on bio-intensive methods that keep weed density down and attract beneficial insects. His farming promotes sustainable agriculture that benefits both the land and the consumers who eagerly seek out his diverse harvest. Some of RVA's hottest restaurants - Brenner Pass, Shagbark, and AleWife, to name a few - have identified in his produce a flavor profile that is distinctive and complex. delli Carpini’s exquisite heirloom crops range from arugula, kale, leeks, beans, and broccoli to berries, basil, and even apothecary herbs.
You can find Carpin and his farm’s bounty at local farmers markets, or for a regular supply of natural bounty, you can join the delli Carpini CSA.

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