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A tip from experience, do not trust November. However long you think the month is, divide it by four. Blink and it’s the holiday season, sneeze and it’s January and you’re asking yourself how the heck you got here already and what is that white stuff on the ground. Go out and have a little fun now while you can (seriously, save yourself…what do you mean they’re running out of Christmas trees already…I’m not panicking, you’re panicking…
Ah hem. 
If you’re looking for some fun things to do this month, here are a few suggestions. 
Did you know that alcohol spelled backward is lohocla? And that Lohocla is a research company in Colorado? And that the Colorado state animal is a shelter dog? And that dogs love to play while their owners drink alcohol? Some genius figured this out and opened the Ruff Canine Club in Scott’s Addition. It’s a private membership dog park and social club featuring wine and beer. Memberships can be daily, monthly ($30) or yearly. So pack your poodle, take advantage of the last of the fall weather, and hit the park. 924 Ellen Road, RVA.
What’s in a name? Some really tasty stuff if that name is Jewfro. It’s a Jewish/African deli and coffee shop by day and a culinary journey by night. What began as a pop-up has turned into a full-scale restaurant with dinners ranging from $10 -$30. Great food and great service. Lunch is based on traditional Jewish deli treats with an African influence, and dinner is an even split between Jewish and African cuisine. 1721 East Franklin, RVA.
If you appreciate a good cocktail, and a change of venue while staying in the same place, try The Jasper in Carytown. Known for its fine cocktails and happy hours, they’re also known for completely changing the bar atmosphere and running with a theme for a few days. They got me yesterday evening. I walked into Bar Muertos, completely decked out with a Day of the Dead theme and specialty cocktail menu, and I assumed I miscalculated and the Jasper was further down the block. It wasn’t- they had gone to great lengths to change the bar for seven days, even the front sign had been replaced by a skull. That level of commitment has got to be appreciated, it’s one of the many reasons I love Richmond. 
Speaking of Richmond, Richmond BizSense offers a really interesting series of lectures called The Future of… covering a wide range of topics aimed at the business community and anyone with an interest in where the city is heading. Some sample topics include The Future of: Richmond Startups, Cannabis in Virginia, Reopening Your Office, and Construction and Design in Richmond. The next event on November 17th covers The Future of Petersburg. Past events are recorded and available for purchase. 
Seriously, get out there and enjoy November before it disappears, before you know it it will be…wait, you hearing sleigh bells? Santa, is that you…? 

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