Answering Your Real Estate Questions


Buying real estate can be a daunting process. Taking the steps from online browsing to attending open houses brings a big decision into focus. Make sure you know what's involved in the search process and what to expect when you make an offer. Working with a real estate professional does not cost you anything, but it does offer you the protection of expert guidance in one of life's greatest investments.


Listing a home happens for many reasons. Between straightforward professional relocations and emotionally-charged life stage transitions, there are a lot of motivations for moving. Make sure you understand the steps to take in readying your home for market and what you can expect once you receive an offer. Your listing agent offers the expertise you need to maximize sale price and navigate the complexities of a contract.


Big decisions are best made thoughtfully. Regardless of what you may be curious about - buying, selling, renting, investing, or anything else - we are here to field your questions. Laura offers a valuable lens on Richmond and Virginia real estate and is happy to offer experienced, no-pressure perspective. Her network outside of Richmond can help you find insight on any property in the U.S. or internationally.

Industry Expertise

Mortgage Calculator

Your budget depends not only on price, but on interest rates and lender requirements. Use a free mortgage calculator to estimate payments and understand your purchase parameters in more detail. For additional mortgage insights, click on the button below the calculator or ask Laura Peery for more information.

Market Trends

Understanding current market conditions is essential in getting the best value when buying or selling a home. Explore the chart and map below for detailed information on prices, the best time to list, and how long properties stay on the market. For even more market research, explore the resources linked below these graphs or contact Laura Peery directly.